Our structural carbon fibre repairs will restore your frame to its former strength, available in different levels of paint finish to suit your budget.

“In most cases, it is possible to have a carbon bike frame repaired effectively

and safely, saving money in the long run”


What can we repair?

We can safely and reliably repair structural damage to practically all areas of your frame, whether it is the result of a knock or fall, crash damage, abrasion, or a complete mystery.


We are so confident in our repairs that all of our structural repairs come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Are there limitations? Of course.

We will always assess the location and extent of any damage before proceeding. If we determine that a safe repair cannot be carried out, we will not continue.



The carbon repair methods we use are based on the same techniques developed in aerospace.

Every carbon repair is carried out to the same high standard, but the choice of finish is up to you.


Assessment & Planning

We survey the damage to understand the nature and severity, then put a plan together on the best way to carry out a reliable and safe repair.


Damage Removal

To ensure a long-lasting repair, all damaged carbon must be removed before fresh carbon is applied.


The Repair

Fresh carbon is carefully applied to correspond with the carbon it will be bonded to.


This ensures the repair becomes part of the frame and able to take future loads.


Need your bike stripping down?

Our World Cup experienced mechanic and Cytech Technician can strip, rebuild and fully service your bike for you while it's in for repair.

Pricing for mechanical work is in line with bike shops.



Galvanic Corrosion

Environmental factors, coupled with design flaws, can sometimes lead to corroded aluminium components such as bottom bracket shells and cable entry points.

Over time, the build up of this material can damage the surrounding carbon.

Re-bonding of Components

There are many reasons why bottom bracket shells, dropouts, pivots and headset cups can become un-bonded.

We can identify the underlying cause and re-bond your component so that it won’t happen again.

Design Alterations

Occasionally failures can arise as a result of ill-considered design.


We can modify your frames design with the strengths of the material in mind, so the problem doesn’t arise again.

We can also make custom modifications where safe.



We'll see what we can do.