We use a number of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods to check for damage, without causing any more.

Component Damage?

Our World Cup experienced mechanic and Cytech Technician can check over the componentry for you.


    Got a paint chip or crack that you're not sure about?

    We can use Ultrasound to determine whether the damage is just in the paint, or whether it goes deeper.

    Ultrasound – aka Ultrasonic testing – is a non-destructive investigative method that uses high-frequency sound energy to test for hidden flaws and damage.

    It does this by detecting delamination, or defects, within the carbon lay-up. These interruptions weaken the integrity of the carbon, greatly reducing its strength and durability.


    Our experienced carbon repair technicians can examine your frame and forks, identifying any stress indicators and distinguishing them from surface blemishes in the paint work.


    These indicators can point towards underlying structural problems. If caught early, repair is more likely to be possible, and more affordable.

    Digital microscopes are also be used to help confirm these findings.


    In tricky areas that can be difficult to access with an ultrasound, such as bottom brackets, dye penetration can be used to highlight damage and trace its spread.


    Dye penetrant inspection is a method used to check for surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials.


    It can be used to visually highlight hairline fractures, and in particular, fractures located in tight or complex areas with limited access.


    Acoustic Emission (AE) Testing, widely known as ‘tap testing’, is a supportive non-destructive method of testing for the presence of a crack in a

    cylindrical structure, such as the tubes that make up a bike frame.

    ​This method is a good preliminary tool that can be used to support our other resources.

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